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I was a patient here 3 years ago and had to move away. Work pulled me back and this was my first stop setting up all my appointments for the year. This is a wonderful practice. The staff is amazing! You will not be disappointed.

- James T.

"Had a great experience. I hadn't been there in over four years, so I was ashamed for not returning for so long, but the staff and the Dr. Norton made me feel welcomed. They have state of the art technology and Dr. Norton takes her time to explain to you what the results of that technology reveal; I found this to be quite interesting and an added bonus."

- Yvette H.

Great experience! What a pleasant and friendly staff. They had preselected frames for me to try on after my exam, which was a nice touch. I am seeing quite well with my reading glasses and computer progressives. I appreciated having my retina checked with the Optomap exam. Dr Norton showed me the pictures of my eyes and explained everything. They were also able to check my eye pressure without the dreaded puff or eyedrops. As a small business owner, I like to support other small businesses rather than corporations and chains. I have sent a couple of colleagues her way.

- Paul J.

"Highly professional and clinically expert care. Office is well maintained and clean, with the latest technology. Staff is friendly and engaging. Thank you for being a great partner in my optic/ocular health!"

Zachary M. (Google Review 01-20)

First eye exam ever and I actually really enjoyed the whole experience! The assistants and doctor are all very nice and professional. Will definitely be going back here for my eye needs!

Nicholas H.  (Google Review 12-19)

"The entire staff at Park Cities Eye Associates was both professional and extremely friendly. The experience was comfortable and educational, beginning with the pre-exam that was quickly done on state of the art equipment. I appreciated the detailed explanation of each test by the optometric assistant.Dr. Norton performed a comprehensive exam, including asking questions about my reading habits to capture the full picture and perform her assessment. She took the time to explain my current state and pointed out specific areas that she will continue to monitor. Finally, Dr. Norton informed me on the differences in eye drops and sunglasses, which will help sustain the health of my eyes.I needed reading glasses to assist with my day-to-day use of a computer screen. All of the staff went above and beyond to ensure the frames I selected not only suited my needs, but also my personality.Thank you all for such a wonderful visit – I will be back!"

Krystal G. (Google Review 12-19)

"The staff is amazing and extremely helpful in all things having to do with a visit to their office AND the doctor: Dr. Cathy Norton, O.D. is amazing (as well) and one of the many reasons I have been using this particular office as my GO TO for over 20 years!"

Steve U. (Google Review 02-20)

"Friendly and attentive staff, with state of the art equipment. Dr. Norton is great and takes the time to explain the details of your exam and the team takes time to try on frames and assure you have the best fit."

JL (Google Review 02-20)

"Dr. Norton has been taking care of my eyes for more than 15 years. She is patient and kind and more importantly... tenacious in her effort to get me the absolute best results!!!"

Natalie K. (Google Review 11-19)