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Contact Lens Policy


Contact lenses are medical devices which require ongoing care. The contact lens evaluation is a service during which the doctor:

-examines the health of the eyes, specifically the external surface such as the lids, conjunctiva, and cornea

-uses measurements from your examination to determine lens prescription and specifications

-selects the most appropriate lenses for your eyes

-evaluates the vision and fit of the lenses on the eye

The contact lens evaluation also includes:

-contact lens related progress visits for 60 days from the examination date

-complimentary pair of diagnostic lenses and starter solution kit for disposable and planned replacement soft contact lens wearers

-free shipping on contact lens orders

All professional fees are due at the time of service and are non-refundable. Progress visits are essential to evaluate the vision and fit with new lenses – be sure to wear your new contact lenses to the follow-up. Annual eye health exam and contact lens evaluations are necessary for all contact lens wearers.

A contact lens prescription is provided to every contact lens wearer once an evaluation has been completed and a successful contact lens fit has been achieved. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for 12 months.


You may order your contact lens supply at our office, our online website, or elsewhere. We offer discounts and rebates on annual supplies. For all contact lens orders, we collect payment in full at the time of order and ship direct to you at no charge. Disposable and multipack lenses are non-returnable. Exchanges for rigid gas permeables and single vial lenses are allowed within 60 days of the original order date.


Unless approved by the doctor and fit into an appropriate extended wear lens, we discourage overnight wear of contact lenses due to the increased risk of infection. The doctor treats eye infections and disease, and these office visits are usually covered by your medical insurance.

Remove your lenses immediately and call the office at 214-360-9951 if you experience pain, redness, mucous discharge, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or any other unusual symptoms.


•Wash hands before handling lenses

•Use only solutions recommended by the doctor

•Clean lenses after each wearing

•Remove your lenses and call the office if you experience persistent pain or redness with lens wear

•Keep your storage case clean and change solution daily

•Check your lenses for damage- tears or chips- before wear

•Have regular exams and follow-ups as directed by the doctor

•Keep a current pair of glasses for back-up in case you lose or tear a lens

•Trim your fingernails to avoid damaging your lenses or your eyes

•Avoid using hairspray or hairdryers while wearing lenses

•Apply make-up after contact lens insertion

•Wear good quality sunglasses outdoors for UV protection

•Use safety glasses for eye protection during hazardous activities or when playing sports


•DO NOT sleep in your contact lenses (unless wearing an approved extended wear lens)

•DO NOT put drops in your eyes, other than rewetting drops, while wearing your lenses without your doctor’s approval

•DO NOT use Visine

•DO NOT wet your lenses with saliva or tap water

•DO NOT overwear your lenses- redness, dryness, and irritation should signal you to remove your lenses

•DO NOT wear disposable or planned replacement lenses longer that the recommended replacement schedule

•DO NOT insert or wear a lens that is torn, chipped, or damaged

•DO NOT rub your eyes while wearing your lenses, especially if you wear toric lenses

DO NOT swim or shower while wearing contact lenses


If you are new to contact lens wear, be aware that you may experience the following symptoms while you adapt:

• Difficulty handling the lenses

• Vision better in one eye than the other

• One lens more noticeable than the other

• Vision more blurry with contacts than with glasses

• Mild itching or dryness at the end of the day


We want all our contact lens wearers to have current, stylish, comfortable glasses to wear for back-up. Keep your eye health and vision good by
giving your eyes a break from contact lenses.

Reasons to order your eyewear at our office:
We offer only high quality frames and custom design lenses.
All frames carry a one year warranty against manufacturers defects..
We guarantee the accuracy of your prescription.
All lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating have a one year warranty against crazing or peeling.
Our optical provides free repairs and adjustments for life.
We know your eyes. We recommend lens materials and coatings best suited to your specific visual needs.
Our practice is devoted to personalized service and we strive to exceed your expectations.
We guarantee your satisfaction with your frame and lenses.
50% off your frame when you order a complete pair (new frame and lens package) and an annual supply of contact lenses. (this offer not to be combined with insurance benefits or discounts).

Wearing Schedules

Daily wear– remove lenses every night and clean
Flex wear– remove lenses nightly, except for occasional overnight wear
Extended wear– remove lenses at least once a week overnight and clean

Replacement Schedules

Dailies– remove and dispose of after 1 use
Disposables– replace every 2 weeks
Monthly Replacement– replace every 30 days


Multipurpose solutions – most brands are now labeled “no rub”. However, we do recommend gently rubbing the lens with solution for 5 seconds to clean before storing overnight in solution. This provides better cleaning and disinfecting, especially if you wear eye make-up, smoke, work or play outdoors, or develop deposits quickly.

Rewetting drops – make sure bottle says for use with contact lenses and check the expiration date.

Preservative-free tears – are the best type of lubricating and rewetting drop. They are packaged in boxes of single dose vials and may be purchased over-the-counter. (ex. Optive preservative free, TheraTears preservative free, Refresh Plus, Tears Naturale)

Allergy drops – may use 20 minutes before inserting contact lenses or after removing lenses – for moderate to intense allergy-related itching.
(ex. Rx Pataday or OTC Alaway or Zaditor)

If you did not already order an annual supply of lenses, reorder your contact lenses online at

We encourage you to call the office at 214-360-9951 if you have any concerns, problems, or questions regarding your contact lenses.